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Anant Jyoti Eye Hospital (earlier with the name of Jyoti Netrayalaya) is able to satisfy more than 10,000 patient in a year since from the beginning of the Hospital. AJ is always focused on the qualitative aspect of the eye health. AJ is well equipped to provide maximum eye care facilities under one roof to avoid patients’ inconvenience. In fact AJ was the first eye hospital to provide the complete eye care facilities in East Delhi, i.e. complete anterior and posterior segment eye care.

Anant Jyoti is having a world class optical division to fulfill the need of every patient. 

It has a well furnished air conditioned reception and waiting area for patients with computerized registration desk. There are two consultation and examination rooms. Each examination room is equipped with ophthalmic unit fitted with modern equipment., there is a nursing station backed with emergency medicines.

There are two operation theaters. One OT is for minor surgical procedures and infected cases equipped with operating microscope and headlight. The main OT is for the major operative cases and equipped with higher end operating microscope and Phacoemulsification and Vireoretinal surgical equipments. The operation theatres is tiled up to seven feet. For anesthesia, there are Boyle’s apparatus, Pulse Oxymeter, Defibrillator, Five oxygen cylinders, two nitrous oxide cylinders, suction apparatus, different sizes of laryngoscopes and endotracheal tubes. The OT is equipped with emergency medicines.

There are attached wash room, anesthesia room and pre-post operative rooms.

There are three telephones with PABX for internal communication.

There is   arrangement for back up of electricity (online UPS and sine wave Generator). There are four toilets for staff and patients.

Anant Jyoti is having a world class optical division to fulfill the need of every patient. 

Anant Jyoti is having the indoor facilitiy of 3 beds.

Anant Jyoti Hospital is Specialist in Diabetic Retinopathy Information Programme (DRIP).

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